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Brand new for the 2017 season, Pure Bliss is a state-of-the-art, cardio-specific fat burner designed just for women who want to tighten and tone their mid-section, love handles and other problem areas while enjoying their favorite cardio vascular activities. Designed specifically for women, Pure Bliss provides cardio support and increased fat-burning potential without the jitters. 4 years of concentrated research went into ensuring that from the moment you open Pure Bliss, to the final capsule, your experience is that of pure bliss and enjoyment. Make Pure Bliss yours today, and take your workout or cardio session from bland to purely blissful!*Supercharges the metabolism for superior thermogenic activity, fat burning potential, increased waist slimming, and produces a better response to weight loss exercises. *
Clinically proven, all-natural mood enhancers bring your mind into a focused, serene, uplifted state.*
Expertly fortified with B Vitamins, cognitive supporting amino acids, along with the most powerful antioxidants on the market!*
One of the only fat burners Manufactured in a Fortune 500 laboratory that holds every major certification from GMP, NSF and TGA while also being a distinguished member of the Natural Products Association®.*

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Source: Pure Bliss Clinical Strength Weight Loss & Diet-Aid for Cardio Boost Energy • Razor-Sharp Focus • Elevated Mood • Cognitive Enhancing • Targets Belly Fat • Made in The USA • Vegan Friendly