In the reign of low carb desserts, some principles apply, but they are not really difficult. First, to achieve your goal, you must have the hard and fast knowledge of what foods are low carbs and which are high carbs. This will be of tremendous help when you actually go to the super market or when you eat out at a friend’s place or at the restaurant. As crazy as this may sound, most people can not even tell which foods are low carbs and which are not. They are going to tell you that eating a pizza is healthy because it has a few mushrooms or two slices of a bell pepper. Ridiculous! So it is critical that we acquire the knowledge about the food so we make the right choices.

The second requirement is actually having the practical side handled. For this, you need to have the specific key ingredients at home, know where to get them and also, some good recipes.

You will tend to notice that you have defined preferences for some desserts. Over time, you may get bored and when you do, that’s when you slip. That’s when you realize the craving was stronger than you. So that’s why it is essential that you have a variety of options to make the process of achieving your goal enjoyable in the long run.

So, why are you on a low carb diet? I assume if you are here, you must be following a low carb diet of some kind and you are looking for low carb desserts. But do you know why carbs are so bad? Let’s look at the basic biology at work behind carbohydrates.

Your body need energy to perform its daily tasks and the organism’s cells use simple glucose as their fuel. Carbohydrates can not be used directly as energy. When they are ingested, the body breaks them down with enzymes where they are progressively transformed into readily usable glucose. The glucose then passes in the blood stream and the pancreas begins pumping the hormone insulin which stores the glucose as glycogen in the muscles.

What happens when you eat a high carb food is that your body produces a high dose of insulin to handle the glucose produced during digestion. The glucose in the blood stream is transformed and stored as fat because its amount exceeds the cells’ needs.

So in order to lose weight, we actually need to monitor the content of carbohydrates so that we don’t end up with a too high blood sugar level. THIS is the knowledge part you need to “get”. It becomes essential to be able to compare foods and know which will results in excess blood glucose.

To compare foods we will be using a scientific tool: the glycemic index. This will help you tremendously to achieve your goal to eat low carb desserts. On this scale, each ingredient is given a score that points to the speed at which the carbohydrates enter the blood stream. As you can imagine, the faster the speed, the more insulin needs to be produced and the more harmful your food becomes. And it is actually extremely easy to know which foods to avoid. This part is crucial and even more so in desserts, where the carbohydrate content tends to be extremely high!

Low Carb Desserts – Understanding the Basics to Success by Vincent Binette