Internal hemorrhoid treatment refers to controlling those blood vessels in the rectum and anus that have become swollen due to a weakening of the tissue. These hemorrhoids differ from external hemorrhoids in that they do not protrude through the anus.

Typically the first symptom of internal hemorrhoid will be the presence of bright red blood either on the stool, in the toilet or on toilet tissue. While bleeding hemorrhoids is not a serious condition, you should see your doctor and have him/her confirm that your condition is in fact due to hemorrhoids and not a more serious condition such as colon cancer.

Treatment for mild internal hemorrhoids can be as simple as a change in diet. The tissue is bleeding because it is subject to pressure from stools, prolonged sitting, or a general lack of exercise. By increasing the amount of natural fiber in your diet, particularly for breakfast, will insure a more stable digestive tract and an easier bowel movement. Natural fiber is abundant in nuts, citrus fruits, apples and whole grains. If you use a commercial fiber supplement read the label to see if the fiber content exceeds the sugar and sodium content.

Water. Drink lots of it; at least eight glasses a day. Not only will this tend to soften the stool but it will hydrate the body and strengthen blood vessels.

If you spend most of the day sitting, stand up. Give your bottom a break. The human body is designed to spend most of its’ time on its’ feet or laying down, not sitting. Sitting for prolonged periods of time places undue pressure on the blood vessels and encourages hemorrhoids.

While you are standing up you might as well try some exercise. Part of the reason that the hemorrhoids become detached is the muscles that hold the tissue have lost their tone. A simple exercise like walking can help not only the muscle tone but improve blood circulation to the area as well.

For the quick fix for internal hemorrhoids that we are all looking for, hemorrhoidal ointments like Preparation H or suppositories are available at the local drug store. A note of caution. If the hemorrhoids are bleeding, stay away from aspirin pain medicine as they are blood thinners as well. Use Tylenol instead.

Hemorrhoids are annoying, can be painful, and can also be embarrassing. The only way to avoid a recurrence is to make permanent changes in lifestyle particularly in your diet. If you are looking for more than a quick fix then you are going to have to do some research to see if the changes required are something you can live with.

Internal Hemorrhoid Treatment – Is it As Simple As a Diet? by Rachel Willson