Free cure for gray hair and sagging

breasts using
copper & zinc, taken twice a day.

Yes, minerals can make breasts more firm & smoother.

Read the book, “Let’s Play Doctor”
or Rare Earths, hidden Cures,
by Dr. Joel Wallach.

To learn more, call 800-982-3197
877-912-7529, 1pm PST M to Sat.

please give the receptionist acct # 3101.
They will give you a discount.

The books list testimonials.

I prefer the combined, balanced
copper-zinc pill
in most health food stores.
There is 15 mg Zinc
& 1 mg of Copper.

It also supports your immune system and
provides antioxidant protection.

Free health care, is you doing your prevention.

If you live for 111 years,
that is a million hours,
so you are a millionaire.

One woman in Haiti survived the quake & so re-discovered
& so invented a free health care system.

Darlene Etienne, 16, said she was in a house holding a can of Coke when the Haiti quake knocked her down into a 4 x 4 corner.

When she awoke, she was trapped, under a ton of rubble, in this tiny space with only a can of Coke

laying between her legs.
She was thirsty.
She drank the Coke.
She now had no water to drink.
After an hour trapped, she thought

she was going to die like this.

Necessity being the mother of invention, when nature called, & she had to go #1, she took the empty Coke can
& saved her own perfect medicine, her water of life.

Hey, it was wet & she was thirsty.
She simply collected her urine in the Coke can &
recycled it for the next 15 days.

MDs who saw her said, it was impossible for anyone to survive for

15 days without food or water.

Darlene did it. I know personally that it is possible to live for 15 days on just urine.

I know because I just survived for 9 days on nothing but my own perfect urine.

I Fasted on only my urine, as a protest against the Afghan war, sleeping on the steps of Nancy Pelosis mansion with the group
Code Pink.

To prove this is scientifically possible, I am now doing a 15 days Fast, using a Coke can, recycling all my own perfect medicine.

Darlene has re-discovered a Free form of medicine that prevents cancer, TB, heart disease, malaria & arthritis.

The best thing about urine therapy is it keeps you young looking.

Your skin stays smooth & soft.

You never seem to age if you drink one glass each day. I am amazed.
I have not been sick for even 1 hour, in 28 years, since I began drinking urine. I never get sick.
Look at me. In this photo I am 70 years young.

This free cure for cancer has been used in India for over 5,000 years.

Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask what you can do for yourself. Create your own free health care.

I am a USN Veteran of the 1961 invasion of Cuba.

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Source: Free cure for gray hair & sagging breasts.