Hello! I heard a talk by a doctor lately who spoke to copper deficiency and degenerative discs in the spine. Copper is a mineral that supports connective tissue in the body. For me, I use copper to strengthen my arteries, it seems to be a simple matter to see that the discs in our backs would very well be comprised of connective tissue. This doctor said that the discs in the back are made of copper and that a copper / zinc supplement would be beneficial for this disorder. This video is not health advice. I’m a cosmetologist who is interested in taking care of my health with supplements. Copper is one supplement which is showing to be very helpful for me. Sharing my information with you! The music for this video is by Bird Creek, and it is titled “Barton Springs”.
~~~Nancy Gurish P.S. It is my opinion that bone spurs in the discs would be ‘fixed’ with magnesium – they would be a buildup of calcium crystals; that is the unregulated damage of calcium in our bodies; because – we lack magnesium sources in our foods. This only makes sense! Along with copper – provide the elasticity and tensile strength of the disc structure.
“Sometimes, due to age, weak bone structure, physical activity, and pH imbalances, we build up areas of what is essentially “dead calcium”, which results in painful bone spurs (also called “osteophytes”) or kidney stones. Conventional treatment is risky and unnecessary, especially when the right nutrients can help put your body back on track naturally.” Read more at:
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Source: Copper Deficiency | Degenerative Disc Disease ~~~Nancy