“Gold increases clarity, concentration, and focus. It is a highly conductive mineral, even higher than copper, which is used for most electrical wiring. As a result, colloidal gold strengthens the conductive energy in our brain. It increases communication between your synapses and dendrites.

When this happens you will certainly notice more creativity, problem solving skills, faster physical and mental reaction time, and more “”aha”” moments in your life! One study even showed an average 20-point increase in I.Q from supplementing gold for only 3 months.

Finally, gold is reputed to be an excellent nutrient for rejuvenating and revitalizing depleted body systems. It it said to enhances the absorption of nutrients, reduce obesity and pain. In fact, ancient physicians used to implant gold coins under the skin of their arthritic patients to alleviate pain.

Today, you do not have to go through this surgery to reap the benefits of gold. You can just drink it!! From my experience gold in its bio-available form is a super-nutrient of the highest order and is very worthy of all the legends that surround it.

When choosing your colloidal gold, make sure the particle size is extremely small, free of ions or ionic gold, and made from the highest quality gold available. Your colloidal gold should be a light ruby-pink color. Only very small particles of gold exhibit this color.

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Source: Colloidal Gold Benefits Part 2