Alfalfa tonic is homoeopathic composition, which helps rapid development in growing children, faster recovery after illness, sharper memory, increases energy and turns away states of bad nourishment in consequence of having loss of appetite, weak digestion, nervous debility, sleeplessness and loss of weight. Contains : Acidum phosphoricum 2x, alfalfa, avena sativa calcium phosphoricum 6x, china, cinnamomum ginseng hydrastis can magnesium phosphoricum 6x, nux vomica 3x,. This is a original sealed quality product from germany, manufactured by Adel-Pekana as per strict guidelines of German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (DAB), European Pharmacopeia (Ph Eur) and certified by WHO & EU rules of GMP.Homeopathic general tonic – Energizes vital function
Powered with Ginseng
Family Health Tonic
German Homeopathic product
Adel Germany Alfalfa Tonic With Ginseng-Comes in pack of X 2

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Source: Adel Germany Alfalfa Tonic With Ginseng 100ml x 2 (Pack of 2).