Hormonal Imbalance, Liver Protection, Allergies, Cirrhosis, Kidney health, bile stimulating, addictions, depression, detoxification, constipation, blood cleansing, liver regenerating….I am very passionate about the Glorious Milk Thistle Seed Extract, it is one of the best things to detoxify the body. Great for all conditions. Silybum Marianum, Simylarin, is blood cleansing, blood sugar regulating, antiviral, bile stimulating, metabolizing and harmonizing for the whole body, as these phytonutrients dump and purges toxins fast from the liver, and is excellent for regeneration. The key to longevity is to detox the liver, and restore intestinal harmony through the bifidobacteria,in the gut and alkalize the whole body, and this is going to be an herb that will do all of this. Tips on how to take this, are included in this videos. Much research has been done on this seed and it is explained in this video. My videos are not instructional, and make no claims to treat or diagnose. All information that is shared is factual, along with my opinion, and beliefs regarding these divine sacred herbs, and oils. Peace Love and positive vibrations to you all. I appreciate you greatly. Join the Juice Revolution @ www.facebook.com/juicerelovution and Essential Oil Healing @ www.facebook.com/eohealing. Have a blessed day~

liver extract

Source: Milk Thistle Seed ~Liver Detoxification, Regeneration, Blood Sugar Metabolizing, Weight Loss