“Oh Yeah, I’ve been meaning to Thank You because not only has my hair grown from the hemp oil but it also has shrunken my uterine fibroids. It used to be the size of a grapefruit now its the size of a tangerine, this stuff is Amazing, Thanks Again Jo!!! ” ~ConnectedToMeNow

Study below explains the medicinal benefits of Hemp Seed Oil.


If you cannot get your hands on rick simpson oil try the hemp oil from your health food store. I took hemp oil, in just one month my skin brightened as if reverse aging was taking place. When you start taking hemp oil the trick is to watch your hands, your hands are the key indicator as to if the oil is working. The skin between your thumb and finger on the back of your hand should be soft and smooth if you have the correct levels of cancer preventing essential fatty acids such as Hemp ”Seed” Oil

I would advise anyone to read this study

Read about the Budwig cancer cure,biologist called Budwig, managed to cure a lady by using Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese – NO chemotherapy

hemp seed oil benefits

Source: The Benefits of Hemp Oil – Cancer, Fibroids etc