If you want to improve your sexual stamina there are some top, tried and tested, foods that will help you last longer in bed.

1. Celery is a weird libido food, purely because it looks and taste a little boring. How can this simple vegetable be helpful for increasing your sexual stamina? Well, it contains an odor free hormone called, androsterone, which is also found in men's perspiration. It also happens to be a 'turn-on' for women! So get scrubbing your raw celery, and munch away!

2. Raw oysters are a man's best friend, when it comes to aphrodisiacs. It's one of the most ancient and most well-known aphrodisiacs, and if you're a guy reading this then you need to pay attention as to why.

Oysters contain zinc which helps raise the sperm and testosterone level. Oysters also contain the libido enhancing hormone, dopamine.

The art of eating Oysters is called shucking, and this can also be a highly erotic act if you do it with your significant other.

If you want to use oysters during foreplay then prepare them by scrubbing them well to remove dirt and bacteria. Pry the oysters open, cover them in a little lemon juice to taste and place them on a fresh bed of crisp lettuce. Get your lady to feed you some, and you can feed her too. The shucking action can be a huge turn on and will get you to first base in no time at all.

3. Bananas are not only pretty phallic to look at; they also serve several needs when it comes to sexual stamina. They contain an enzyme called bromelain, which some say increases a man's libido. Furthermore, bananas also contain Riboflavin and other B Vitamins, as well as potassium; these are great for increasing overall energy levels.

Because bananas are phallic, looks wise, you can have real fun with them during foreplay when you and your lady come to eat them; especially if you get the lady to peel her banana seductively and eat it in front of you. Why not take a little out of her mouth when you come to kiss her? That would most likely get you both heated up and ready to rock!

4. Chocolate is a firm favorite with many women, but also men can benefit from this sweet delight. Chocolate contains an alkaloid called theobromine. Alkaloids, in a nutshell, stimulate or sedate the brain, depending on what form they are presented in. This is why you get a nice warm, comfortable feeling when you eat chocolate. Alkaloids are also used in drugs too.

But when it comes to sexual stamina; chocolate contains a lot of anti-oxidants which help keep the immune system in good condition. You definitely need to be in shape if you want to go for longer!

The best way to eat it with your lady is to enjoy it as chocolate fondue. It's warm, runny (maybe a little messy) but also incredibly sexy!

5. Garlic is probably not the first choice for keeping your breath smelling great, but boy does it help you out a ton when it comes to increasing your sexual stamina. Your libido will sky-rocket with the help of Garlic's magic ingredient, allicin, which helps increase blood flow to sexual organs.

Do not worry if the odor is something that you can not stand – there are always odorless capsules that will do the exact same thing.

There is no excuse not to try some or all of these foods to help increase your sexual stamina and give your libido the kick it needs to send you and your lady to sexual heaven.

The Top Five Foods That Help Improve Sexual Stamina by Vanessa Reece