Gluten Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Gluten Intolerance
As many as 20 million Americans could be affected by a gluten sensitivity and not know it. People who are suffering its effects have no way to detect their gluten intolerance as there are no current medical tests available. Some common symptoms to look for include fatigue after eating, digestive issues, headaches, anxiety, and joint pain. Because of the difficulty the body has digesting gluten it absorbs sugar and fats instead of the protein and nutrients it needs. Gluten pills that have enzymes to help the body in digestion can ensure people do not suffer from the symptoms of gluten sensitivities.
Digestive enzymes are proteins secreted by the organs in the body to breakdown large macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) to be easily digested. The body utilizes these micronutrients for energy, metabolism, growth and health. Due to gluten sensitivities this process is impaired and leads to the lower energy levels, decreased immune function, and digestive tract issues mentioned earlier. A gluten enzyme pill can help the system digest gluten and absorb the appropriate nutrients and vitamins. The digestive enzyme supplements will not only help with gluten digestion but also assist with breaking down fats, carbs, sugars, and other proteins.
A gluten enzyme product should contain at minimum the four primary digestive enzymes lipase, protease/peptidase, amylase, and cellulose. Look specifically for the unique two enzyme blend GlutenGone that facilitates the body’s ability to fully digest gluten. Normally, the body replenishes its own supply of enzymes through food but deficiencies often occur due to lifestyle and environmental factors. This puts added stress on the body’s organs and results in a buildup of undigested foods leaving the body vulnerable to many health issues.
Using a gluten intolerance digestive enzyme supplement will help the body absorb the healthy nutrients and proteins it needs. To learn more about the complications stemming from the human gut check out our free report on the top ten gut cleansing foods available on the screen now.

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Source: Gluten Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Gluten Intolerance