Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases that constitute a part of the morbidity and mortality rate every year. Despite the rapid advancement of the technology, man has failed to establish the rise of cancer and its total eradication. Although experts are pointing out that most of the cancer cells come to life because of excessive and unbalanced lifestyle.

There are different types and kinds of cancer and the treatments vary from one cancer to another. It is said that the cancer is easy so stop and treat if it is on the onset of development. It means the cancer just grew and it is not widespread yet. But how do we detect if we have the cancer? We will be discussing the most common symptoms of cancer based on the different types and kinds of it.

For liver cancer, excessive pain in the abdominal part while at ease. No matter what you do, even if you are doing nothing, if you have liver cancer, you will be exhausted unconditionally and the rate of pain is increasing. For brain cancer, which is one of the most renowned type of cancer, it is characterized by excessive headache. It is not any other ordinary headache.

Did you ever experienced your head is extremely painful that you wanted to end up punching your own head of bump it anywhere to get rid of it? Be alarmed, that might be a manifestation of a brain cancer.

For prostate cancer, which normally occurs in men, frequent urination and dark spots on the boy can be the symptoms.

Since the prostate cancer cells normally attack bone cells first, the bone will be set on fire before impacting other important body organ.For breast cancer, for women, it is characterized by the unstable pain in the breast part and waste products coming out of the breast. There are also instances where in the breast would swell excessively.

These might be a manifestation of a breast cancer.Bone marrow cancer is the abnormal growth of cancer towards the blood cells and the bones will be contaminated. At some point, since bone marrow covers everywhere and anywhere in the human body, there are a lot of complications that might arise along with it like excessive pain on the joints and other body parts.

At the same time, if bone marrow cancer hits a person, they need to perform a bone marrow transplant to treat the cancer. Aside from the feeling of pain, there will be an unexplained drop of appetite and easy tiredness. These are all manifestations of the bone marrow cancer.

These are actually some of the most common symptoms and signs of cancer. The signs depend where the cancer originated and which is the first target infliction. There is a need for us to know more about the common symptoms of cancer to be vigilant and keen about what we feel so that we can stop it while it is just on the onset and we can further prevent the spread. If you know the common signs of cancer, we can avoid complications and there will be a bigger possibility for the patient to survive.

How Does Cancer Manifest? by Nuche Villaneuva