This is a review of Pure Micronutrients’ Bone Support, which is an advanced gentle calcium supplement that provides 100% of your required daily intake.
Bone Support is a Practitioner Quality approved calcium citrate complex.   It is an advanced formula featuring MCHA (microcrystalline calcium hydroxyapatite) and Calcium Citrate. Calcium citrate has been clinically proven to be a highly absorbable form of calcium and is easily digested with food or on an empty stomach. It does not produce intestinal discomfort, constipation, or gas like many other forms of calcium.
Calcium hydroxyapatite is the mineral form of calcium and phosphorus, which is an essential element of human bones and teeth, giving them their rigidity.
Further, Bone Support also contains synergistic nutrients important for the maintenance of healthy bones including vitamins C, K2 and D3 and the minerals magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, boron, and zinc. This makes it a quality calcium supplement and it can be purchased here
Features and Benefits:
Bone Support Calcium Complex provides easy-to-absorb forms of calcium and magnesium along with Vitamin D and other essential nutrients required for bone health and formation.
It is FREE from:
• Magnesium Stearate
• Dye, Preservatives or artificial colors
• Gluten, Yeast, Starch & Dairy
• Contains no Binders or Fillers
Bone Support plays a critical role in:
• Strong Bone & teeth formation
• Prevention & treatment of Osteoporosis
• Bone repair
• Maintenance & prevention of bone degradation & collagen production
Bone Support has been specifically formulated for women, men and the elderly who may are experiencing:
• Stress fractures
• Brittle teeth & nails
• Broken bones
• Pregnancy – Strong bone and teeth formation
• Osteoporosis
• Back pain

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