With so much hype surrounding these tiny crustaceans today, the side effects of krill oil are rarely mentioned. However, the traditional side effects do not necessarily apply to them, but they are certainly very troubling indeed.

The truth is that the side effects of krill oil are mostly their stunning lack of health benefits, exorbitant price and the damage done to the marine ecosystem.

They tend not to give you any physical side effects except for an upset stomach sometimes because they are in fact normally very pure as they come from the pristine Antarctic Ocean.

Neverheless, despite the hype and aggressive marketing tactics, they actually contain very little of the omega 3 fatty acids that provide most of the benefits.

The most important omega 3 fat is DHA and quality fish oils contain over 11 times more DHA in a capsule than the krill does, giving you more more health benefits. In addition they tend to cost twice as much as quality oil from fish.

If you take these krill oils, you will not receive anywhere near the same amount of benefits which include prevention of heart disease, prevention of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, improved brain health and memory, stronger immune system and better vision.

The other main side effects of krill oil are the damage done by overfishing which is already becoming apparent, despite the constant denials by the suppliers.

Krill are the main food source for many marine species all the way up to the great whales. Evidence is already showing that in the places they are fished, a decline in the amount of creatures dependent on them has occurred.

For this reason, the large US retailer, Whole Foods, recently removed all the krill oil from its shelf citing lack of sustainability and refuses to sell it anymore.

The best way to get plenty of DHA omega 3 is to take a quality fish oil supplement. Fish are used for food and the oil is a by-product so there is no impact on their sustainability because of the oil.

A quality premium oil will be distilled to remove all the toxins, leaving it as pure as the oil from krill. The addition of antioxidants like astaxanthin and lycopene in greater amounts than found in krill oil also help to improve your overall health and well-being.

So in conclusion, why worry about the side effects of krill oil when there is no need to take them as you will receive more benefits from a quality fish oil.

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The Side Effects of Krill Oil May Shock You by Rich Hawkins