Most elderly men have prostate disease and we are told that all men over 70 will have it. I am 73 and have never had the problem. But there is a reason. You see, fifteen years ago when I was 58 years old, arthritis became a major health issue. A friend persuaded me to use pycnogenol for that problem. As long as I use the product, I have no arthritic problem. When I fail to use the product, it isn’t long before a disease problem develops. So I use the recommended amount of it daily.

Prostate cancer is one of the slowest cancers to develop. There are isolated incidents where men have died from prostate cancer, but most men with a prostate problem die of other causes before the cancer has a chance to kill them. With that thought in mind, a man has plenty of time to use pycnogenol long enough to arrest or reverse the disease.

I had a friend who developed prostate cancer. I mentioned the product to him, but could not try to convince him to use it because I was his pastor and ministers are not supposed to know much about anything other than the Bible. It is a violation of ministerial ethics to venture into other areas such as health issues. The church had already told me to keep quiet about my nutritional knowledge and not to talk with members about the products that had saved my life. So my hands were tied. All I could do was watch him suffer from his conventional cancer treatments, slowly deteriorate and die.

Since Jesus healed many people, you would think the church would be more understanding. The reason they are so strong about the issue is that ministers are not supposed to earn money from selling anything to a church member. Even when a minister earns nothing from selling a product, the perception is that there is a profit motive and perceptions are always right even when they are wrong. Faith healing is OK in the eyes of the church, but faith healing has never worked for me.

You can’t imagine the frustration I go through when friends have health issues that are causing unnecessary pain and will shorten their lives when I could easily tell them a natural way to take care of their problem. Natural products can rebuild your body to where it heals itself while most prescriptions and over the counter drugs do nothing to alleviate what is causing the problem.

Let me end this article by simply stating that the enhanced version of pycnogenol has helped may people suffering from prostate problems recover. The product is not cheap, but it is effective and a whole lot cheaper than the conventional medical approach. Even if you go the medical route, you are well advised to use the enhanced version of pycnogenol alongside your doctor’s efforts.

Prostate Cancer Can Be Arrested or Reversed by Enhanced Pycnogenol – A Review by George J McClelland