National Nutrition asked Dr. Michael Murray to give us a lesson on the PROSTATE PLANT – Saw Palmetto. Dr. Murray has personally collected over 60,000 articles from medical literature, among them interesting studies on the effects of Saw Palmetto on the body – especially those of men 50+. WATCH NOW for the need to know on Saw Palmetto and Dr. Michael Murray’s 24 CARAT GOLD VERSION of Saw Palmetto enhanced with Lycopene from Natural Factors.

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Natural Factors Saw Palmetto with Lycopene:
A commonly used combination for men, Saw Palmetto and Lycopene offer healthful benefits for the prostate gland. Nearly all men over fifty are somehow affected by prostate enlargement, often altering their quality of life and sexual function.

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Source: Natural Factors Saw Palmetto 160mg with Lycopene with Dr. Michael T. Murray