Vitamins and minerals are a must. But how much attention do you pay to your body’s amino acid needs?

Amino acids are building blocks for protein. Your body needs 20 different types, 11 of which it makes on its own. The other nine—known as essential amino acids—come from the foods you eat. Or, you can get them in supplement form.

Lysine is one of the nine essential amino acids. And Twinlab offers a high-quality L-lysine supplement to help you meet your daily needs.

Each single-capsule serving supplies 500 milligrams of L-lysine, and can be taken up to twice daily, or as recommended by your doctor, to help support healthy immune system function.*

Twinlab L-Lysine is gluten free, and it’s manufactured in a GMP-registered facility, following NSF International’s strict regulatory policies.

As trusted leader in health and wellness products since 1968, you can count on Twinlab for safe, reliable dietary supplements. And for the best value, get your Twinlab L-Lysine, and all your favorite Twinlab products, at


Source: Twinlab L-Lysine — 500 mg — 100 capsules – Vitacost